Friday, February 22, 2008

20 months old...

I just can not believe I am typing this! How did my sweet baby boy get to be 20 months? Didn't he just get here yesterday?? At any rate I snapped a few good shots, which is hard these days with such an active little I thought I would share them since he is 20 months old today!

Things he's doing that surprise us...

-He said Kangaroo today after seeing a picture of one printed on his Kindermusik book. How in the heck does he know what that is, let alone how to pronounce it!

-He LOVES the stairs and asks...wait scratch that- DEMANDS to do them by himself. I always stay right next to him, much to his dismay. He hates it when you try to hold his hand or help him!

- He pretty much will say anything you say to him. His vocabulary is blowing our minds...I explained to him why we had to se Dr. Brown the other day and he kept repeating "Doktor...Doktor".

- He also loves to say the word necklace when I am wearing one.

- He still is obsessed with Curious George. He's been this way for months. We went straight from Baby Einstein to "Gorge" He's so cute the way he says it! He doesn't move when it is on...seriously, he barely blinks!

-He adores bath time. I can't wait until this summer. We are going to have quite the fish on our hands! He also loves to take showers with Daddy!

-He loves "a-cus" Atticus, our springer spaniel and "Memel" Mabel, our cat.

There's so much more, but I am trying to get caught up and do several posts at once, so this list will have to do.


Mizerany Family said...

Wow...what a little grown-up! I can't believe he is already 20 months old, and can say so many words...amazing!