Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy valentine's Day...a little late!

We are finally all well now! It was a really rough few weeks, but we are doing so much better now! Big thanks to my mom who took care of Anderson while I recovered from the flu. Everytime I called to check on him all I heard was...he's great, he's having a wonderful time...etc. Little did I know that she was calling Jeff behind my back to report on Anderson's fevers and the fact that he broke into a nasty rash. She finally took him to the hospital where she works and had a Dr. look at him. Turns out our little guy had Roseloa...she and Jeff wouldn't tell me because they knew I would freak out, plus Jeff was calling my OB to see if it was even Ok for me to be around Roseola. Thankfully, by the time the rash appears they are no longer contagious. Anderson returned home and we have both been on the mend since then!

Without further delay... a few pics of the KING of our HEARTS! :-)