Friday, February 15, 2008

Les Krewe...

Jeff one day post-flu and me one day pre-flu!
Back before we all got sick Jeff and I went to my Mardi Gras Club's ball. This is a fun event every year. The group is all girls and at the start of every year's party the group puts on often hilarious skits. This year I opted out of being in a skit. When they started practicing I was still in the throws of "all day" sickness and knew better than to over-commit myself.

This year's theme was "Remember when...?". There were some great skits, but I have to brag that my group's skit was the funniest! They re-enacted our days on the Gayfer's Teen Board. Now around our parts, Gayfers was one of only two department stores and their teenboard was the most coveted spot a girl could hope for! I was lucky enough to make it and it gave me lifelong friends and more than a few hilarious memories! We had a "den mother" of sorts who was in charge of our group and the special events coordinator. She lived and breathed teen board for well over 10 years! Emily was her name and big hair and lots of mascara was her game! We did lots of little modeling throughout the year, but the BIG event was the Back to School Fashion show in August. It was at the Bama Theater and anybody who was anybody was in attendance to watch the hour and a half full-out, near broadway production! We started practicing in May and were there EVERYDAY all summer to learn our dances and rehearse. Looking back on it now it is so funny to see how "important" that was to all of us! HA!

Gettin down to Marky Marks "Good Vibrations"

So all if this to say...more than a few of the Les Krewe members were members of the original teenboard and thought it would be funny to "Remember When..." we were all in this ridiculously over the top fashion show. The group, minus me, actually broke out the VHS tapes and re-learned and performed as their skit the complete opening number from the show our junior year...oh yeah...dressed in the full on early 90's garb. Emily even came back to announce the members names (mostly maiden names now) just like she did in the opening 15 years ago! She was so sweet to come and do that for us! I have not laughed so hard in a very long time!

Emily announcing the "board members"!

And to top it off there were tons of pictures from everyone's formals, high school proms, etc...It was so ammusing to walk around and look at all of the pics and laugh...UNTIL my friend (and I now use that term loosely until I decide to forgive her) pointed out that "somebody" namely her...had some pics of me laying around! that is some HAIR!!

This was a picture from a Crush party in High school. We went as the calendar girls...I was October, Stacie was July, Jennyrob was Feburary...not sure how the nun and crazy blond wig came into the mix (Liz Spiller and Lang Propst)

Stacie rocking the neon yellow tights!...Seriously this is the kind of stuff they made us wear!


Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

So glad you left me a comment so I could get a chance to meet my long lost sister! Your son is precious and I just love the name Anderson.

Too bad we don't live close enough to have a play date, so we could let our little monkies climb around while we bash Target and catch up on our parallel lives:) I'll be sure to check in with you more often.