Monday, February 11, 2008

The Plague has arrived...

We are all so officially sick. I can't remember a time when I was this sick! It all started 3 weeks ago when Anderson came down with the croup, which then turned into a nasty sinus infection. After teetering on the edge of being well for days he finally did improve and for one glorious day we were all well. So much for that... last Tuesday Jeff came down with the flu. Despite my efforts to keep me and the baby as far as possible from him and about 2 bottles of lysol on pretty much every surface in our home, Anderson starting running a fever and acting very fussy. We still aren't sure if it is the flu or teething. Yes, he decided now would be a great time to cut the ever painful and nasty eye teeth! He is eating OK and drinking OK, but just isn't up to full speed. We are trying to avoid taking him to the Doctor because, for those of you that don't live in Tuscaloosa and know this already, the flu is RAMPANT here! Seriously, it is near epidemic status. The Elementary school in our neighborhood had over 100 staff and students out last week due to the flu. A friend of mine had her "well baby check up" cancelled last week because the pediatrician's office had 50 walk ins with the flu that morning alone. Crazy! Since they really have nothing to treat it with I don't see the point in exposing him to so many germs by taking him to the Doctor. Meanwhile, we are just pushing fluids and making sure he gets lots of rest.

Towards the end of the week Jeff felt much better and the baby was doing well and I was fine so we went ahead with our plans to attend my Mardi Gras Club's ball. BIG MISTAKE! We didn't stay late and Jeff had sprite all night, but it seems like it was just enough to give Jeff a set back and get me sick. Saturday night I felt like a Mac truck had run over me. By Sunday morning I was up and not keeping anything down. Off to the Dr. I went....tested positive for the flu...shocker! So know Jeff is sick again, I am sick with the flu and Anderson is sick with bad diapers, low-grade fevers, and not sleeping through the night.

My poor mom had to take off work and come get Anderson this morning because Jeff and I are simply to weak to care for him. We are on tamiflu which gives you these small bursts of feeling normal (hence this entry) but I slept for over 10 hours today. Ick... So please say a little prayer for our very sick family. I am especially worried about the new baby and how my illness is affecting him/her. Mom will have Anderson for a couple of days at least and may even have to take him to the Dr. in Birmingham. I am so ready for all of us to be well again!


Mizerany Family said...

Man, I feel for you three! Drink plenty of fluids - you certainly don't want to get dehyrated while you're carrying that baby.