Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kindermusik...or Chinese water torture??

Since Anderson loves music at school with Ms. August so much, I decidedto sign him up for kindermusik this semester. I thought it would be a fun and constructive way to get out of the house for a morning...Fun...nope...constructive...nope. That's right people the nationally acclaimed music class that seemingly every child under the age of 5 loves was a big old bust for Anderson. He HATED it!

When we first got there I think he thought he was getting left there and so he became super clingy and since we were early I let him play with his newest obsession...the stroller buckles. Seriously, he could play with a buckle from a highchair, carseat, booster seat, stroller for an hour. He loves trying to figure out how to snap them. He is getting good at it too! Thank goodness he can't unsnap them yet! Anyway, when the class was ready to start he would not participate and kept trying to go over to the stroller. I finally took it and put it out of the room. Well...the nerve of me. That resulted in a full out melt down. The poor other kids couldn't drown out his wailing enough to sing the welcome song!

Luckily I knew several of the other participants and so I wasn't completely mortified! Dr. and Mrs. Posey were there with two of their grandchildren and since they raised 3 kids of their own they were able to give me some sympathetic looks. My friend Holly was also there and of course her little girl was in the center of the room prancing around like nobody's business while my child stood steadfastly in front of the door demanding for me to open it so "we go bye-bye mommy"!

I wish I could say that it ever got truly better, but it really didn't. He did manage not to cry the entire time, but as far as actually enjoying himself...not so much! He semi-participated towards the end, but never really gave up on trying to get out the door to the stroller! Next time I will know to leave the stroller at home and come equipped with a bribe juice box!