Friday, February 22, 2008

The Book of Love

This is so late to post, but I HAD to share with you the sweetest Valentine gift I have ever received! It was from Anderson, but I am thinking he had more than a little help from Dad! He gave me this beautiful hardback bound book entitled "I Love My Mommy the Best" by Anderson Smith! He ordered it from Shutterfly and I cried for about a soild hour after I opened it...those dang pregnancy hormones! These pics are hard to see, but each page featured a grouping of pictures from some of my favorite memories with Anderson with captions about why he loves his mommy the best...

I listed some of the captions below the pictures since they are hard to read.
"She loved me even before she held me for the first time"

"She makes me smile" and "She makes me feel safe"

"She teaches me about the Tide"; "She teaches me how to tailgate in style"; "She teaches me to say Rolllll Tiiiiddee!" and "She shows me where champions play"

"She teaches me about Jesus"...."Hey I look like Jesus!"

This was from Anderson's first Christmas when Jeff and I played Mary and Joseph in our church Christmas program. Of course, Anderson was the Jesus!

"She throws the best birthday parties" "My mom is the prettiest mom ever"

"She takes me for train rides"; "I really like train rides with Mommy"; "I never know what's next with Mommy"

How Blessed am I to have such a thoughtful and sentimental husband?