Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Birthday David Barton!

This is a week late going up, but we have all been sick (that will be another post as soon as I feel up to it). However, last weekend we got to help little David Barton celebrate his 2nd birthday. DB's dad is one of Jeff's partners at the firm and his mommy Lisa has become a dear friend to me. They had David Barton just 4 1/2 short months before we had Anderson. It was fun being pregnant together and having baby boys! It kills me to see him turning 2 because that means Anderson is right behind him and this mommy is just not ready for her baby to be 2!!

Lisa did a great job putting together a construction theme with lots of fun stuff to get into! We tried to let our little monkey get in the big blow up jumper thing, but he was not going for that! He did have a light bulb moment after realizing that all of the table centerpeice dumptrucks were full of m&m's and Goldfish...Yummy! He also enjoyed riding the buggy around the gym and (snapping its buckles 50 million times) with another good friend, Carsyn Kirkland. He even tried to steal the birthday boy's cupcake after he blew out his candles! The party was adorable, and Anderson had a blast! Enjoy a few pictures!

Going in for the steal... :-)