Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bizarro Pregnancy

This pregnancy has been so completely different than my pregnancy with Anderson that I joke about it being my bizarro know like when the superfriends found another world of super-heros that were sort of like them but opposite in many ways! HA! As you know from earlier posts I had BAD morning sickness this time around, which was not the case with Anderson. It stopped a few weeks ago and I thought I was done, but it has reared its ugly head again in the last week. I didn't even know you could get it again after it went away! That's just plain cruel! Another difference is the indigestion. It is brutal this time around! I am chugging mylanta like it's going out of style. With Anderson I only got it the last month or so...not nearly this early! They say that means the baby will have lots of hair...Jeff says he wants a paternity test if it does! Hee Hee!

I am finishing up week 16, which is so weird because it feels like the time is just flying by this time around! I can't believe I am almost halfway done! Starting week 17 means I am in my 5th month...Holy Cow! Is that really possible? I have been feeling the baby for about the last week or so intermittently. It is still the coolest sensation ever! I am also, as of yesterday, having to break out the maternity clothes. I can still wear lots of regular shirts, but pants and jeans are another story! I am starting to show, but if you didn't know I was preggo you'd probably not pick up on it. I am betting this will change drastically in the next month!! I have an appointment Friday for my monthly check in with my Dr. and then on March 13th (two weeks from then) we will have our ultrasound. I can't wait to see this baby on the big screen!!

Of course, Jeff is still bugging me about finding out the sex, and sadly I am starting to see his point about all of the benefits of "knowing". I didn't want a gender neutral nursery, so my solution was to pick out all of the girl bedding, paint, etc and then all of the boy bedding, paint, etc. After the baby gets here simply call to order and wait a few short weeks for it all to get here. Plus we'd have to order extra fabric for the curtains and then wait for it to come in and then have them made. I was going to try to have someone in the family paint the nursery while we were at the hospital. Jeff points out that this will be a huge pain and that we will need help with Anderson more than a painted room. He also knows my love of order and having things done and thinks it will drive me crazy to wait on the bedding for 6 weeks after the baby arrives...hmmm....he is probably right on that point as well. He is also begging so that he can bond with the baby. He says that I can feel it everyday, but that to him it's like a Christmas present that hasn't come in the mail yet. Knowing the sex will help him visualize the baby and start calling it by name instead of "it" he says. Who knows...maybe I'll stay strong or maybe I'll cave and we'll just keep it to ourselves. Mom and sisters...this is NOT an open invitation to call every five seconds to pressure me into finding out! I know you can smell blood in the water, but try to control yourself!! ;-)


Mizerany Family said...

Stay is a wonderful surprise!

Marty, Peyton & Lily Grace James said...

First of all, your pregnancy sounds exactly the same as mine with Lily Grace. I was sick with nausea and severe indigestion from day one until the very end, all day, everyday. Most nights I had to sleep in the recliner, sitting straight up! It wasn't fun at all but so worth it in the end!! Oh, and indigestion does NOT always mean lots of hair like everyone says because LG still doesn't have much hair! Ha! Second, I love the book Anderson got you for Valentine's Day. It is so precious! Third, I love checking your blog, so I am adding you to my favorite links if that is okay with you because you are one of my FAVS!! I feel like I know you so well! :) Last, thank you so much for your prayers and putting LG on your prayer list at church. That means a lot to me! Your family is so sweet! ~Peyton

Marty, Peyton & Lily Grace James said...

Oh yeah, and I don't know how in the world you couldn't find out the sex of the baby! I could not wait to find out!! I would go crazy if I couldn't find out!